BlaberChat - WhatsApp Clone Launched

The messaging market already has its unicorn which is WhatsApp consisting of about 800 million active daily users, but there’s still enough room left for additional creative solutions. Agriya has launched ‘BlaberChat’ to fill up that space.

Messaging trend has traveled from crafting pictogram on the stones to communicative paintings and to the present day of chatting apps. The popularity of instant messaging apps needs no mention. In our attempt of being the next giant chat app development service provider, Agriya has brought a newly advanced WhatsApp clone script - BlaberChat in the market.

Blaber Chat is an enhanced Instant Messaging App Script that provides real time messaging experience. It ideally performs as an all in one communication backbone for your entity with chat, groups, audio and files exchange.

Why Choose Blaber Chat?

Agriya is offering something out of the norm with the new ‘WhatsApp clone’ and here’s why you need it. It has a distinct set of features which allow users to exchange files up to 50MB, and even add up to 1000 members in a group chat. With Blaber Chat you can easily implement the real time chat functionality for iPhone users in the most affordable manner.

After giving you the script, you aren't left to fend for yourselves, as constant technical support is provided to you by us for 1 year.. BlaberChat uses solid chat server as back-end and its code and interface is at par with WhatsApp.

BlaberChat can also be used for your own enterprise as an official team management tool or proprietary chat engine. Also, there is no hidden cost since it uses only the internet connection. Here's the demo,

Wrapping up

If you would like to launch a service similar to WhatsApp in the market without paying for more than a modest fee, then BlaberChat is exactly what you need.
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